Dirty Hacker

by Tia Lewis & Roxy Sinclaire

Kudos to both authors because this is a story that stands alone for all the right reasons. It doesn’t fit into any scenario that I could have possibly imagined and it is all the better for that fact, because this is about as unique as you can probably get.

From the first page, heck no scrap that from the prologue, this kept me slightly off kilter and completely bamboozled but by the time I finally got a handle on the storyline or at least what I thought was going on in the storyline, it was almost a hostage situation, I couldn’t have put it down even if I had wanted to!

Never in a month of Sundays would I have ever put not only this scenario but these characters together…

Sophie was a superb and I especially liked the way that as the passage of the book progressed we started to see her come out of her shell, this initially shy, reserved young woman, grew into her own skin before my eyes, she evolved on almost every page and her evolution intrigued me.

Preston on the other has was the complete opposite, he had no reservations about who and what he was, about who and what he wanted from life and about how he was going to achieve his goals. This wealthy but demanding man uses his charm like a weapon and oozed through live with an air of alpha dominance that hinted towards menace and should have given me a precursor as to what was to come but then again why, nothing could have clued me on what was to come.

This pair were like chalk and cheese but that didn’t mean that there was a superb story to be found in their coming together. Their story touched on modern day issues that in some respects could serve as an indictment of how we not only live but communicate with others. Sophie may have been a wiz when it came to computers but remove the screen and it was a whole different ballgame…how many of us are that way? Probably far too many to count.

Seduced by the lure of joining the online hackers “The Alliance” she naively accepts things at face value when Preston invites her to join their throes but no sooner is she part of the collective than she is out of favour and doing everything she can to show Preston that he needs her onside.

But is her desperation to impress what he was working on all along because he does nothing without a backup plan and he certainly has plans for Sophie…namely the fact that he sees her as more than a hacker, he sees her belonging to him…this is definitely a MINE scenario.

As they begin to work together, their connection deepens to the point where for what Preston feels for her is verging on being an obsession.

But is that what she wants and needs? A man to control her; to dominate and direct her?

I wasn’t sure and she did help me out by clarifying the situation, she seemed to give off mixed signals, she almost revelled in his attention but was it all too much?

I think the author worked magic with the suspense of the implication and intimation of their situation, of the depth of the relationship between Sophie and Preston and the intensity of the physical relationship between the two of them and honestly ladies you may need a very large cool drink close to hand, because this leaves nothing out of the equation when it comes to the physicality between the two of them, it is pure filth!

With enough twists and turns to give me whiplash, this has more than a few WTF moments and a liberal smattering of situations that will bring a rosy glow to your cheeks – if you blush easily, you may have to read alone!

Topic: Dirty Hacker by Tia Lewis & Roxy Sinclaire

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