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I have read a few books from this author now and I’m beginning to get a feel for her work and she has firmly entrenched herself on my must read list. When this one hit the kindle I was bursting to get my hands on it and by the time I had finished, I felt as if my life had combusted, there are MC novels and then there are MC novels if you know what I mean, this wasn’t your run of the mill good girl meets bad guy and it all comes up smelling of roses, no not by  long shot…this was dirty, this was raw and this was harsh and it needed to be because Zeke was all of those things and more and the actions that ensued as the book progressed meant that his life was becoming more and more dangerous, if that could even be possible.
There are secrets, lies, angst, anger and all that is just the first chapter! Get past the initial OMG and you will be agog, there are no nice, gentle episodes, this is a full on ride and you had better be hanging on tight because this is one bikers back seat you may just want to claim for yourself.
Zeke is not a nice man, he never has been, he was a darkness that lives inside him that he has never been able too or never wanted to shake but his club is his life and he has embraced it all of his life, and will continue to do so until they put him six feet under, but what happens when the one woman he won’t let go, could be the one woman that will end it all?
Because not content with pushing the boundaries of every single aspect of his life on a day to day basis, he has to go after the one woman that might just be the death of him…and her!
Jillian is a sheriff, and Zeke knows that in his lifetime, she is well and truly off limits. They are polar opposites in everything in life, the good and the bad, the right and wrong side of the track and he has no right chasing after her but this feisty woman has gotten under his skin and he can’t hold back, he has to have her, but at what cost?
The reputation of the Sin City Outlaws is legendary and so is that of their President, Zeke is a man not to be messed with, those that do not fear him are a minority club and he is not averse to flexing the muscle and might that not only he but the club has to get his own way.
But Jillian, was a plucky b**ch and firmly entrenched in the minority camp, Zeke’s reputation is not going to hold her back from doing her job, she will face him head on if she has too. Foolish or Brave, I was in two minds but I relished her enthusiasm
But when their world’s collide and believe me it is most definitely a collision, there is a lot more at stake than just the Sin City Outlaws and the Sheriffs Dept., because there is a driving force behind the pair of them that refuses to listen to common sense, that refuses to allow either of them to walk away, refuses to cow-tail to the rules, they are two souls that have found their mate and are determined that they will have what they need and the world … well it can go to h**l- and it just might have too when their relationship comes to light!
This bad a** biker is smitten, whether or not he will admit it is a different matter but his reaction to this chopsy mouthed sheriff made me smile. While whole of Las Vegas was tip toeing around him, worried about the big bad president, Jillian held nothing back and I think that is what drew him to her like a moth to a flame. She didn’t run and hide from him, she stood her ground and I got the impression he admired her for that. But as hard as she tries to be the consummate professional, all reason goes out the window when she is around him, he seems well equipped to render her almost speechless.
They tried, they really did and I found the internal battles quite amusing at times but it was as if they were connected by a piece of elastic, they were tethered to each other in a way that neither of them had the capacity to fight and after one solitary kiss, their lives would never be the same again.
There were things afoot throughout the story that meant there was a question mark over the honesty that ran amongst the bad guys of the city, there was a deviousness that took its time to bubble to the surface but when it did the results were calamitous.
I thought I had worked out who the bad guys were (not just the obvious ones) but the author had a few more tricks up her sleeve and the book really did have me guessing until the very end.
Oh and the way it finished, honestly!!! The wait for book two is going to be excruciating.
Whose resolve is going to break first?
Can Jillian recover from the events that unfolded at the end of the book?
Will Zeke ever be able to have both his club and Jillian?
What will the rest of the Sin City Outlaws do about his relationship with Jillian and where does that leave the club?
Oh, and then what about Lip?????
It is all too much but so bleeding exciting, book two soon PLEASE!!!

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