Skyscrapers & Camelot

by Mindy A Carter


A mere child, Aimee’s life is broken when her mother passes away but the resulting family relocation has a more dramatic effect on her and despite the fact that she is with her father and indeed her grandparents, this heartbroken little girl wants nothing more than to go home.

But all that changes when she meets the little boy from across the street who will go on to have such an important part in her life…always.

This really was a book that tugged at the heart strings and rightly so.

From their tender ages of just 6 & 7, Aimee and Keegan were the very best of friends, I adored this sweet little boy but was ready to kick his ass when he allowed what I can only categorise as a moment of madness to drive a wedge between the two of them.

Aimee loved him, her heart was true and on the night before he was due to leave for college she stepped up and kissed the only boy that she had ever wanted to be intimate with. But that was the last she saw of him, the following day he was gone and their time together was over, it was as if she had never mattered. He cut all ties and vanished from her life. But I knew from the blurb that he would be back, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into that reunion!

Eight years, it takes that long before they are put back in each others company and I must say that while he was such a fabulous little boy, Keegan as a grown up…well I could have slapped him upside the head for some of the attitude he oozed and as for his reprehensible little sidekick Gretchen, well the less said about how angry she made me the better!

Aimee starts work for a small magazine in New York when she finishes college and is give an assignment that just happens to put her face to face with the man she never thought she would see again, Keegan James.

Keegan has amassed a fortune and is now the owner of an immensely successful firm of architects but Aimee is his Achilles Heel, seeing her again brings back feelings that he has long since tried to bury, but then again why should he be any different, he left Aimee to bury her broken heart all those years ago, But Why???

They both find themselves hiding from the truth, Aimee tries to pretend that she has no idea who he is, in the vain hope that if he has forgotten her, she can protect her heart from the pain of his rejection again. Now this was the part of the story that made me want to kick her a$$, really stop being so stupid!

Keegan plays along, and by this time I was hurling profanities at the screen, get a grip guys, you have history, deal with it!

But it was all blown out of the water by Kaleb, Keegan’s brother…. Yeh finally some sense.

Getting inside his head wasn’t actually all that easy, he was fairly guarded but watching then as they take their first steps on a new path together, I was reminded on the time that they had lost and was intrigued to find out why?

I was delighted when she took her best friend Reese with her to meet up with Keegan and Kaleb, it was super to watch the spark between Reese and Kaleb ignite, he was such a funny guy. They really were a great pair, but I want answers as to why Keegan has left, what had spooked him into cutting her loose.

Once he had her back in his life, he seemed to be on a mission to make sure that he didn’t lose her again, but there was something lying beneath the surface, something that was bubbling along under the storyline that I just knew had the power to destroy them all over again, and the author did a sterling job of keeping that little chestnut all to herself-really??

So, not fair!!

I finished with a few more questions than I would have liked and a couple of extra people that I had added to my sh**list, but I also finished having read a really good story and looking forward to the next book.

Topic: Skyscrapers & Camelot by Mindy A Carter

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